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Ben Ten Porno Story: gwen´s joy

Ben Ten Porno Story: gwen´s joy

After another day of stopping aliens from trying to undermine mankind in order to further their own selfish personal gains, Gwen headed to the rustbucket as
Ben and Grandpa Max made the two hour hike to the nearest store. They Tennysons were camping out in the forest near the base of a few mountains, and the 4
hour round trip from the rust bucket to the store was much quicker than the 8 hour drive as their was no road nearby that went though the mountains that
would be stable enough for any viechle other that mountain bikes. As the group parted about halfway between the rustbucket and the stores, Gwen figured she
would have about 2 hours to herself before the boys got back.

After an hours hike Gwen unlocked the rustbucket and went inside and sat down on the sofa-seat in front on her and turned to face the table. Gwen thought about
what she was going to do for the hour hike to the Rustbucket and decided she would use her time to pleasure herself as she hadn’t in a long time and really
needed the release. She slid of her Trainers and socks the pulled off her tight shorts. The release of this alone was almost enough to set her off, but Gwen
resisted and held it back. As this turned her own so much, she couldn’t wait to pull her panties all the way off so rolled them off one leg and let them wrap
around her thigh just above the knee. She spread her legs and put her fleet on the sofa and then put two fingers of her right hand into her pussy and started
to move them about to maximize her please for the longest amount of time. With her left hand she started to life up her aqua t-shirt above her breasts and
then started to corress her left breast. Her breasts were not that big, but were big enough for her to move about, and if needed to, provide an adequate
substitute pussy, for a boob job for a lucky guys penis.

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Gwen stiff rail on Ben ample manstick

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Hentai Picture: Gwen stiff rail on Ben ample manstick
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