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Ben 10 Porn Story: Colored lightning Chapter 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: Colored lightning Chapter 2

pull of Static

was something about this girl that wasnt normal.

was leaning forwards in his chair, hands supporting his chin. He was
stareing at the girl who was lying on the couch opposite him,
dripping wet. She looked about their age, and there was just
something about her, something abnormal he couldnt put his finger
on. It surprisingly wasnt the way she was dressed, although that
did puzzle him. She was clearly not dressed for winter weather.

was wearing a knee-length fluttery-hemmed, light purple skirt. Her
shirt was empire-waisted and flowy , with thin, lacy sleeves that
hooked on her thumb, and covered half her hand and palm. It was also
the same color, and he found that a bit fishy. Her entire outfit was
also covered in the same, strange faded swirling patterns starting at
the bottoms, that continually faded upward into solid light purple on
the top of her skirt and shirt, also up her sleeves. She wasnt
wearing any shoes, but she was wearing a necklace. It was a crystal,
sun-shaped pendant suspended on a gold chain.

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