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Ben XXX – The witch with no name

After losing to Ben Charmcaster as well as Gwen Charmcaster, she was sentenced to prison. She will be facing challenging times in the face of lesbian scenes and the dominance of females. Ben and Gwen will be on the other side of bars. Their relationship didn’t improve. Overall this parody comics includes a number of hentai and erotic moments yet it also lets you to take a much more mature view of the familiar characters.

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Quid Pro Quo

This comic is ideal for fans of crossovers as well as Hentai. Ben Tennyson, from “Ben 10” will meet Drew Saturday, the star of “The Secret Saturdays . He will get to go after this extra sexy woman in a tight latex suit. The tight costumes, the tough situations with big tits and a tough cock – the action is going to be a lot of fun in this comic, for sure!

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Ben XXX – The Slutty Gal

In winter there can be situations where you need to decide to enjoy yourself or to get warm. Sometimes you don’t have the choice of which to pick. This comic featuring Ben and Gwen is about that situation. As this is a hentai parody you already know what ways of keeping cozy while having fun we discuss…

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[ENGLISH] [BEN 10] Sultry Summer Part 1

Parents have gone to the gardenand this is an excellent opportunity to Gwen as well as Ben. They kept their friendship intact. What else could teens imagine when they’re alone at home? You can play around with it. Ben has different ideas. Gwen is seduced by the handsome Ben. The girl agrees and after a couple of minutes the meaty sausage has gathered in her mouth. Gwen loves to lick the cock and suctioning it up and down. Ben is ready to continue with his sexual experimentation…

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Ben Ten Ultimate Alien [Drawn-Sex]

Ben and Julie are relaxing at home. They are watching TV. However, Ben wants something different today. He starts to flirt with Julie. The brunette retorts. She strips off her shirt and gives Ben her large and juicy watermelon with pink nipples. Then the brunette lowers her head and gets started sucking on the man’s meaty dick. Ben gets to the point of his bliss. He strips Julie’s pants and starts to fuck the brunette. Enjoy.

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