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Ben 10 Porn Story: july’s gooey encounter

Ben 10 Porn Story: july’s gooey encounter

Junior year of High School had just started for Julie Yamamoto and her closest friends, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin – although she wouldn’t really consider him a close friend per se -, and her boyfriend – and hero of Earth, among other planets apparently, – Ben Tennyson. After the big scare with Vilgax, it seemed life was just starting to get back to “normal” for the group of – usually abnormal – friends. At least, Julie thought it was… she had no idea that this day would definitely be anything but normal…

‘I wonder where Ben is,” Julie thought as she sat in class, glancing at the empty seat where her boyfriend usually sat. ‘Its not like him to completely miss a class like this…’ Julie shrugged, putting off the feeling of concern for him off, figuring he had a good reason not to be there. What Julie didn’t know, was that Ben was at school… however, he was not exactly himself. Ben had decided that morning, after waking up from a very heated dream that included his girlfriend, and after nothing he tried to do to relieve himself worked, that he would see if he could persuade Julie to help him…

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