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Ben Ten Porno Story: 2 enjoy birds Chapter 1

Ben Ten Porno Story: 2 enjoy birds Chapter 1

love birds

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1 Ah nothing like love

and Gwen where still hugging each other for five minutes now. When
they finally detached they both looked each other in the eyes in a
dreamy look and sighed lovingly and happily. Gwen then stretched her
hand out to take the flowers which have been left on the bed and
sniffed them deeply and sighed at the pleasant aroma coming from them
and said “Thanks to you Ben, I can smell again. I think it’s
because of the kiss and the confession and all that. I guess it just
made me feel better”

smiled as his cheeks turned slightly red and said to beautiful, green
eyed and orange haired cousin:

was my pleasure Gwen” and smiled widely and happily as he
planted his lips on hers while kissing her lovingly. It was a kiss
full of love and passion and life, and he just wanted to stay like
that for the rest of his life. While kissing Gwen he felt as though
he was rising into the air with Gwen along with him, and while still
kissing her he opened his eyes looking into his cousin’s beautiful
green eyes. He then moved his eyeball to look down towards the floor
and saw it was pretty far down to it. He then realized, he really WAS
in the air! Looks like love can defy the laws of gravity as well as
logic and life. Their love has actually allowed them to hover in the
air and Gwen was not even using her magic. It was that strong

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