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Ben Ten Porno Story: Embracing you CH.Three

Ben Ten Porno Story: Embracing you CH.Three

Gwen shifted in her sleep and found she was snuggling into something that smelt like mango-banana-coconut smoothies and video games. Gwen sat up and looked down at Ben’s shirt. She found two problems with this, one- it was in her bed, two- there was no Ben in Ben’s shirt. Gwen sat up, suddenly wide awake. She glanced around and found no Ben or Grandpa Max.

Gwen, not caring that she was still in her cat night cloths got up and exited the Rustbucket. She had a trick to finding Ben. Gwen closed her eyes and then opened them, to Gwen her eyes were still closed, to the rest of the world they were open and glowing an almost black purple. Her eyes snapped shut and then opened again. Gwen smiled and walked away into the forest. Oblivious to the fact that her eyes had just glowed and that time had been altered.

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Ben Tennyson smash yam-sized-titted Charmcaster from behind

Hentai Ben 10

Hentai Picture: Ben Tennyson smash yam-sized-titted Charmcaster from behind
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Ben 10 Hentai

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