Ben Ten Pornography Story: BEN10 AND THE 2nd SUMMER CHAPTER Four

Ben Ten Pornography Story: BEN10 AND THE 2nd SUMMER CHAPTER Four

I dont care, Gwen said as she pulled her cousins clothes off his body as fast as she could. And I dont think he does either. Think of it this way, well give him a memorable show, and whos going to believe him if he talks?

You do have a point, Ben admitted while Gwen removed her own clothes until she was just as naked as he was. He gave his cousin an appreciative smile as he looked her over. Shed already managed to lose most of the extra weight shed gained during her pregnancy and he could just make out a red shadow where her pussy hair had started to grow back after theyd shaved her during childbirth. The only part of her body that hadnt returned to normal were her breasts, full of milk and several sizes larger than they were when the two of them first started fucking almost a year earlier.

Are you sure you want to fuck here and now? Ben asked as Gwen finished removing the last of her clothes. I thought you were still sore from giving birth, and are you sure youre safe because I dont have any protection on me.

Ben, Gwen said in exasperation, Im sure everything is fine. Im not sore anymore and my period just ended two days ago so Im sure Im in a safe period right now.

Are you sure? Ben asked nervously, because if I didnt know better Id swear that my senses are telling me that youre in the middle of your fertile cycle right now.

It must be your imagination Ben, Gwen said as she grabbed her cousin by the arm and dragged him toward Doctor Animo, trust me, Im safe. But even if I wasnt Im too horny to worry about anything as trivial as getting knocked up with another baby. Now come on, I have an idea how we can make sure Doctor Animo never talks about this.

Whats your idea this time? Ben asked.

Were going to include Doctor Animo, Gwen said with a grin, that way if he does say anything hell have to admit that he had sex with a minor and that will add several years to his sentence.

Havent the two of you embarrassed me enough already? Doctor Animo asked as the two cousins came up to where he was trapped in Stinkflys hardened slime. What do you have in mind for me now?

Something I think youll enjoy for the rest of your life, Gwen said as she got down on her hands and knees in front of the doctor. Ben, you fuck me from behind and Ill give Doctor Animo a blow job while do me doggie style.

You cant be serious, Animo said, watching Gwen as she used her magic to clean the hardened slime from around his crotch so she could pull down his zipper and pull his semi-hard cock out of his pants.

Oh, Im very serious, Gwen said, stroking Doctor Animos cock and opening her legs slightly so Ben could play with her wet pussy before he slid his prick into her, so relax and enjoy the show.

I will, Animo said with a soft moan of pleasure when Gwen licked the tip of his prick.

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